Thursday, January 30, 2014

OMNOMNOM Ice Cream Sundae Explosion!

Description: The most exquisite ice cream sundae ever! You will be drooling while you make it. Just a warning.
Creator: Jess K.
Dining Hall: HoCo
Difficulty: Easy
Time: Quick (≤4 min)

- Ice cream favor(s) of your choice
- peanut butter (chunky or regular)
- chocolate sauce
- jam (the raspberry jam is awesome)
- strawberry sauce
- sprinkles
- Oreos pieces
- chocolate chips
- 1 banana
- and love

1. Get a bowl
2. Go to the station where the peanut butter is, and cover the bottom of your bowl with peanut butter.
3. Go to the station with the jams, cover the peanut butter with the jam.
4. Layer the chocolate sauce on top of the jam.
5. Cover the chocolate sauce with sprinkles. 
6. Put your ice cream flavor(s) on top of all those yummy ingredients.
7. Slice up a banana and toss it on your ice cream.
8. Top your ice cream off with chocolate sauce, Oreos, strawberry sauce and chocolate chips.
9. Don't forget to put love into your sundae!

If the dining hall has cookies or brownies at the dessert station, go at it. Make it a brownie sundae! 

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