Friday, January 31, 2014

Turkey Guacamole Bagel Melt

Description: A bagel that has your average turkey sandwich components with a surprise of guacamole!
Creator: Becky S.
Dining Hall: Philly
Difficulty: Easy
Time: Quick (≤4 min)

- bagel (whatever kind your heart desires)
- two slices deli turkey
- handful of lettuce (I prefer the shredded kind)
- two to three slices of tomato
- one piece of provolone cheese
- guacamole (it's hiding at the sandwich counter, you have to ask for it)

1. Gather your ingredients
2. Toast the bagel and get it nice and hot. It might need a second toasting
3. Place the cheese on one bagel half, and let it melt
4. On the other half, spread guacamole, then lettuce, then tomato, then turkey
5. Put the half with melted cheese on top of the other
6. Cut in half for easier eating and enjoy!

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